About Us

The Club is over 40 years old and was originally sponsored by the Rotary Club of Newcastle Gosforth.

It was an early adopter of the admission of female members – currently seven of the Club’s nineteen members are female - and many of its members are former rotaractors.

The Club is informal whilst retaining some of rotary’s traditions. Its aim is to promote friendship between its members and for members to have fun whilst using members’ skills and knowledge to benefit the communities it serves by fundraising and supporting, promoting and providing local community activities.

For 25 years the “Clanger” has been awarded at Club meetings to the person who drops the biggest clanger during the course of the meeting. They then have the honour of awarding it at the next meeting. The proud recipient is expected to wear the “Clanger” at rotary events during their term of office. The award ceremony creates much amusement and never discourages potential recipients to hold back at future meetings! Examples of reasons to have been awarded the “Clanger” include: wearing a particularly obnoxious tie; wearing any tie; being so short as to hardly be seen when standing; eating more than one or even two puddings; and so the list goes on, and on, and………………………………..

The Clanger
The Club is always looking to attract new members who wish to have fun in giving back to their local community.

Come and visit us to see if you would like to join us or contact the Club’s president for a chat at .