News Archive July 1st 2018 - June 30th 2019

These are some of the events the Club has organised or taken part in during the Rotary year July 1st 2018 - June 30th 2019.

Community Summer Raffle June 2019

The raffle was drawn on June 25 2019 and the prize winners have all been notified (see attached summary). Around £1,000 was raised by the organisations that sold the tickets and they have all received cheques for the monies raised. Congratulations to all concerned: club members, especially the Treasurer for his stirling work in co-ordinating the raffle; community organisations who sold the tickets; and those generous persons and organisations that donated the prizes.

June 25th 2019


Vivien handed over the reins of Presidential Office to Claire and wished her all the very best for the 2019-2020 Rotary year.

Young Writer and Young Photography Competitions

Every year Rotary in Britain and Ireland hold several competitions for young people. These include Young Writer, Young Chef, Young Musician, Young Speaker and Young Photographer. This year the theme of the competition was ‘My Inspiration’. Our Club approached Longbenton High School to see if they would like to take part in the Young Writer and Photography competitions. We had a fantastic response and the Club judged the entries in February, selecting three Young Writer entries and three Young Photography entries as Club winners. Two of these Young Writer entries were sent forward to the area (district) competition. In April we learnt that one of our entries won the junior Young Writer title in the area competition. Many congratulations to Charlotte for her winning entry! You can read the three entries to the Young Writer competition on this page.

May 18th 2019

President's Night

A return to the 1970s was well received, particularly by Mike and Tracy who really got into the spirit of it all!

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  • PresNight2
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  • PresNight4

May 14th 2019

The History and Art of Brewing

We were treated to an interesting and informative talk by Steve Pedler. We also got the chance to taste a range of unusual beers which illustrated the facts.

  • Brewing_1

April 13th 2019

Know Your Blood Pressure

Another successful day at Killingworth Shopping Centre offering shoppers the opportunity to have their blood pressure checked. Of the 40 shoppers whose blood pressure was checked, 17 were referred  to their GP for further checks to be made. Nine of these were not currently on treatment for high blood pressure. Whilst a single blood pressure reading is not diagnostic of high blood pressure requiring treatment, it is possible that our efforts have identified up to 9 persons who may (or may not) require treatment.

  • Blood Pressure Day
  • Known Your Blood Pressure

March 19th 2019

Lasting Power of Attorney

A talk which reminded us that we should consider making provision for the future in the event that we lose mental capacity.

A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a legal document that lets you (the ‘donor’) appoint one or more people (known as ‘attorneys’) to help you make decisions or to make decisions on your behalf. There are two types of LPA:

  • Health and welfare lasting power of attorney

The power to make decisions about things like:

  • your daily routine, for example washing, dressing, eating
  • medical care
  • moving into a care home
  • life-sustaining treatment

It can only be used when you’re unable to make your own decisions.

  • Property and financial affairs lasting power of attorney

The power to make decisions about money and property for you, for example:

  • managing a bank or building society account
  • paying bills
  • collecting benefits or a pension
  • selling your home

It can be used as soon as it’s registered, with your permission.

For further information see:

March 18th 2019

Durham Bede Games Night

LBWK fielded two teams which were drawn against two teams from Barnard Castle. Twelve games, including darts, table football, quoits, whist, dominoes, golf, bowls and table top dice and coin games were up for grabs. Tracy and Graham won their draw whereas Vivien and Kath were gracious losers. A team from Washington won the event winning eleven of the twelve games in their round. The pie, pea and chip supper was excellent!

  • durhamgamesnight2019

March 12th 2019

Save a Life First Aid

We learned the basics of common first aid measures and had the opportunity to practice our resuscitation skills using an AED machine.

For further information see:

March 5th 2019

An interesting and provoking talk looking back over the history of a Jewish family inspired some of us to watch the film “Denial”:

  • denialcover

“When university professor Deborah E. Lipstadt includes World War II historian David Irving in a book about Holocaust deniers, Irving accuses her of libel and sparks a legal battle for historical truth. With the burden of proof placed on the accused, Lipstadt and her legal team fight to prove the essential truth that the Holocaust occurred. Based on the book "History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier."

February 12th 2019

Valentine's Evening  

Tracy led us in an educational, fun packed and creative evening of luv! She also quite appropriately won the suitably luv inspired heads and tails raffle prize - heart shaped Jammie Dodgers and Love Hearts.

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January 29th 2019

Burns Night Evening

A great time was had by the club and its guests celebrating the life and works of Robert Burns. The haggis was duly welcomed, addressed and toasted with a tot of whiskey, the Selkirk Grace signalled the start of a traditional feast of haggis, neeps and tatties followed by cranachan. The Immortal Memory, a toast to the lassies and a reply to the lads were followed by a competition round of the Tam o’Shanta. The evening concluded with a whisky roll.

  • Burns_29_1_1
  • Burns_29_1_2
  • Burns_29_1_3

Santa Monies Presentation to the Sixth Benton Scouts

The scouts and beavers did a brilliant job in helping us to raise over £500 in the run up to Christmas delivering Santa’s grotto in Killingworth. In recognition of this support to the club, Tony, scout leader joined our Burns Night evening and was presented with a cheque for £300 towards their trip to Belgium later this year.

  • Santa_15_12_5

December 16th 2018

A really uplifting coming together of the Club, St Johns, the Killingworth Community Choir and the local community at a carol service raised £175. St Johns will be donating these monies to support work with women who suffer violence and families in need at Christmas.

  • Carols_1218_1
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  • Carols_1218_5
  • Carols_1218_6
  • Carols_1218_7
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December 15th 2018

Despite the bitterly cold weather we had great fun at Killingworth today with Santa and his friends raising monies for the 6th Benton Scouts trip to Belgium next year and other local charities.

  • Santa_15_12_1
  • Santa_15_12_2
  • Santa_15_12_3
  • Santa_15_12_4

December 12th 2018

We had a great night playing 6 rounds of bingo, participating in a number of prize draws and games, and enjoying hotdogs and donuts with the 6th Benton Scouts at St Bartholomew's Church Hall. The event was raising funds for their trip to Belgium next year. As you can see from the photos we had no success in winning the bingo despite Alex helping Auntie Julie!

  • ScoutsBingo_1
  • ScoutsBingo_2

December 8th 2018

Alan and John having a great time today at Killingworth raising funds for the 6th Benton Scouts and local charities.

  • Santa_8_12_1
  • Santa_8_12_2

December 1st 2018

Santa and his friends at Killingworth Shopping Centre raising funds for the 6th Benton Scouts and local charities.

  • Santa_1_12_1
  • Santa_1_12_2
  • Sant_1_12_3
  • Sant_1_12_4

November 24th 2018

John and Julie enticing the punters to play Rotary games and selling cake left over from Val’s coffee morning at Killingworth Christmas market.

  • KwXmasMarket_1

November 24th 2018

Val did a great job at organising a coffee morning, raffle and cake sale. The cheese scones were to die for!

  • CoffeeMorn_1
  • CoffeeMorn_2
  • CoffeeMorn_3
  • CoffeeMorn_4

November 21st 2018

The Club President was honoured to attend Justice Prince CIC’s celebration of their prestigious award which was presented to them on behalf of the Queen by Mrs Sue Winfield, Lord Lieutenant, Tyne and Wear. Karen, Julie and Ken and many volunteers from the Longbenton Community richly deserve this honour for all the hard work that has gone into the Local Conversations Project on the estate which is funded by the People’s Health Trust.

The Project is making a real difference  to the community in terms of education, training and employment for young people, reducing loneliness for the elderly and empowering community action groups to improve the environment. Many congratulations from the Club. We have watched the project blossom from humble beginnings over the past handful of years and wish you all continued  success.

  • JPrinceQAward_1

November 11th 2018

A morning to remember on the 100th year since the end of the First World War. Marching with the veterans and others from Forest Hall comrades Club to St Bartholomew’s church and taking part in the laying of wreaths was a poignant reminder of  how much we owe to those who lost theirs lives so that we can live ours as we do.

  • FHRememb_1

November 10th 2018

A great Club turnout for the Remembrance celebration at the jigsaw monument at the White Swan Centre, Killingworth, followed by networking with community organisation partners over soup and a roll.

  • KwRememb_1
  • KwRememb_2
  • KwRememb_3
  • KwRememb_4
  • KwRememb_5

November 6th 2018

Tracy told us about this Hindu Festival of Lights as we celebrated it with appropriate cuisine, a pathway of lights, the sharing of sweets, the making of a welcome mat and decorating a candle. Some of us dusted off our sari. A great night of fellowship.

  • DiwaliNight_1
  • DiwaliNight_2
  • DiwaliNight_3
  • DiwaliNight_4
  • DiwaliNight_5

November 3rd 2018

Newcastle Gosforth Round Table Fireworks display at Broadway West playing fields. We have provided help and support for this community event for at least 15 years. The weather was kind and although the gate was down on previous years the event was problem free and the display was as good as ever. We raised £1,000 for our supported charities.

  • Fireworks_1
  • Fireworks_2
  • Fireworks_3
  • Fireworks_6
  • Fireworks_7
  • Fireworks_4
  • Fireworks_5

October 30th 2018

Halloween Guided Walk Newcastle City Centre. Nocturnal and nice.

  • Halloween_1
  • Halloween_3
  • Halloween_4
  • Halloween_2

October 5th-7th 2018

The Rotary District 1030 (North East England) held its annual conference at Harrogate. This was a great weekend of good food, great company and entertainment.

  • Harrogate_1
  • Harrogate_2
  • Harrogate_3
  • Harrogate_4
  • Harrogate_5

October 2nd 2018

Club Conker Championship. Surprisingly painful on the forearms due to following through when missing or partly missing your opponents conker! Great fun and a reminder of the perils of traditional childhood games.

  • Conkers_1
  • Conkers_2
  • Conkers_3

September 29th 2018

Sponsored Bike Ride at the Killingworth Centre in conjunction with Longbenton Scouts to raise money for the Scouts and help our community to help themselves.

The sponsored bike ride in September raised £800 for the BAY Foodbank and a big box of groceries. Here are the photographs from the presentation which took place in November – just in time for Xmas.

  • BikeRide_1
  • BikeRide_2
  • BikeRide_3

September 24th 2018

Fundraising event with Tyneside Rotary at Fujiyama Restaurant Newcastle as part of their project to raise money to purchase a Community Mini Bus. A special night – lovely food and a great atmosphere with our friends from another local Club.

  • Fujiyama_1
  • Fujiyama_2

July 2nd 2018

At a Volunteer Forum at Wallsend, John and Tracy did a great job networking with other local volunteer organisations and advertising the work of the Club. 

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  • VolForum_2