Practical Compassion for Destitute Children (PCDC)

PCDC grew out of the concern of a number of Christian friends for some of the poor children they had met in the Holy Land. The children were orphaned, abandoned or sick, and in need of love and care. The friends helped provide them with various types of aid from 1996. Formal charitable status was granted in 1998 and seven trustees now oversee the work.

Personal contact with each child is very important. The co-ordinator, some trustees, and other interested friends visit twice a year. They all pay their own expenses and see the different schools and boarding houses. Also, visits are made to some family homes of supported children, reassuring them of the real concern for the child.

Practical compassion means helping children at their point of need. The initial contact is made through the head-teachers of several different schools. An assessment is then made of each child’s requirements. Help is given with anything from food, shoes, and clothing, to the payment of school fees, boarding costs, and medical bills.

The PCDC co-ordinator, Malcolm Jones is a long-serving member of the Club and won a Rotary Champion of Change Award in 2014 for his work with the charity. The Club has for a number of years sponsored children via PCDC and receives regular updates about their progress.

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