Entries to the Young Writer competition

These are the three entries selected as our Club winners. Our thanks to all the entrants and congratulations to the three selected entries.

My Inspiration – Basketball

We set off to watch the Eagles play,
The best thing to do before I hit the hay,
He dribbles, shoots then scores,
This definitely isn’t a bore.

The aroma of popcorn lingers in the air,
It smells exactly like a fair,
The crowd chants,
Whilst the cheerleaders dance,
He dribbles, shoots then scores,
This definitely isn’t a bore.

When it gets to half time,
Adults start ordering cocktails with lime,
The arena is full to the brim,
However, when the lights start to dim,
The halfway show is about to begin,
He dribbles, shoots then scores,
This definitely isn’t a bore.

When the match is done
The crowd cheers ‘we won’,
Autographs and fame,
They’ve got everything to gain,
How nice and how humble,
Never do they grumble,
He’s dribbled, shot and scored,
This definitely wasn’t a bore.

They inspire me to be me,
Nothing else nothing else but me,
To do what I need to do,
And always push through.

By Charlotte
Year 9

My Inspiration

He’s lasted some time, yet he keeps on going,
And still his ideas never stop flowing,
Playing his music for the world to hear,
Listening to Blackbird is worth it,
Every single tear.

He writes his life out into a song,
And the other Beatles always used to play along,
Of course there was John who also wrote a few,
But to me Paul’s the genius all of Liverpool knew.

His words are an inspiration, some even say heart-breaking,
All I need is ‘Let it be’ for relaxation,
Then there’s no need for times of trouble,
Because the lyrics shield me like a musical bubble.

It’s a fact McCarney makes the world a better place,
He’s vegetarian, trying to stop the meat-lover chase,
To me he’s truly a shining star,
And of course ‘baby you can drive my car!’

Blackbird singing in the dead of night,
Take these lonesome words and write a song,
All your life,
You were only waiting for this moment to sing along.

My family even adore him, so much so that they named me Ellie, short for Eleanor Rigby.

And I know I’ll never lose affectation,
For his songs and his work I can still recall,
I know I’ll often stop and think about him,
In my life, I’ll always love Paul.

By Ellie
Year 9

My Inspiration – Paul Walker

Paul Walker is a really good actor who has been in lots of movies. He is mostly noticed for his role as Brian O’Connor in Fast and Furious. He has done some charity work and seemed like a very kind and funny person everyone would really like. Sadly in 2013, while he was half way through filming Fast and Furious 7, he passed away in a car accident.

I’m inspired by him to be good and kind to everyone. I’m inspired to be better than what I think I can be and not get mixed in with the wrong people.

I’m inspired to stay fit and healthy. I’m inspired to stay smart and don’t do drugs or smoke. I’ve also started to like cars more because of Paul. And finally Paul has inspired me to stay close with my family.

By Dominic
Year 9